Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Neon Sign’s Longevity

Are you displaying a neon sign on your business? These are some tips to help you keep your neon business sign looking great all year.

A sign is an essential part of a successful marketing campaign for a brick-and-mortar business. It will not only direct potential customers to your store but also:

  • Make a great first impression
  • Attract customers, and make good profits over the long-term
  • Register your business
  • Share important information about your business with your customers
  • Increase brand recognition

Calgary Customized Business Neon Sign Installations

No matter if you want a neon sign or something subtler for your business, our qualified team has the expertise to install, repair and maintain your billboards.

Three Tips to Take Care of Your Neon Sign

It is important to know how to properly care for a led neon sign that has been purchased recently for your retail or restaurant. Signs should be clean, neat, and bright.

It will communicate your brand’s high standards and help you attract more customers. Signs that are damaged, worn out, or stained can do more harm than good.

These are three simple tips to take care of your led neon sign.

1. Keep it out of reach of your customers

Neon signs are attractive to many people. The led Neon Signs that are too low for customers to touch can be damaged. Your business sign will eventually break if there are enough people who touch it.

Talk to your Calgary lighting company to ensure your custom neon sign is safe.

2. Dust the Neon Tubes

You should vacuum your neon sign once a month. It will keep your neon sign bright and clean, and it will make future cleanings easy. You will need:

  • Feather duster
  • A stiff, small paintbrush
  • A vacuum cleaner that has a brush attachment

When cleaning, ALWAYS TWIST OFF THE SIGN. Use the feather duster to clean each tube and the paintbrush for smaller crevices and cracks. After cleaning the tubes, vacuum the sign.

3. Keep your sign in place at all times

Although it might seem counterintuitive, it is best for your neon sign to leave it plugged in constantly. Why? Your sign’s power transformation is less likely to wear out if it is constantly turned on and off. Neon signs are made of electrodes and not heated filaments. They don’t get too hot and will not pose a fire hazard.

Are you concerned about your energy costs? The power required to run neon lights is very low. Restarting the power transformer takes more electricity than lighting the sign over many hours.

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