Bright and Beautiful: Expert Advice on Caring for Your Neon Signs

Everybody loves the look of neon signs. They can be used for long-lasting lighting and are very easy to keep clean. It is not easy to maintain and care for neon signs. We are here for you to give you the basics to ensure your neon sign lights up your day for a long period of time.

Keep It Clean

Even though it might seem obvious, neon sign maintenance is crucial. Signs that have become discolored and dirty can lose their bright appearance and appear uninviting. Unplug your neon signs first before cleaning them. It doesn’t matter if the neon signs don’t get very hot. However, if you’re not careful your transformer could cause you serious injury. Next, clean your vacuum with a brush attached to remove any dust. After vacuuming, you can wipe the tubes down with a nylon toothbrush or soft cloth. A paintbrush may be the best tool to reach all those hard-to-get places. Depending on where the sign is kept, it may require more work. It may accumulate grease if it is close to a grill. You can also get nicotine stains on it if you place it in an area where smoking is a regular habit. To remove these grimy stains, use an ammonia-based cleaner and clean the tubes. However, don’t scrub too vigorously as this could cause damage to the tubes. Finally, clean off the cleanser using water.

Keep them away

This next tip on neon sign maintenance and care focuses more on outdoor signs. Neon tubes and brightly colored lights are attractive to bugs. Your signs will need to be cleaned more frequently if they are infested by bugs. It can also block the view from your sign which is something that no one wants. You can solve this problem by placing a few traps or bug-zappers on the property. This will help to reduce the number of mosquitoes. Install them near the source to keep the bugs away. For example, mosquitoes can be found near drainage ditches. These measures should keep the bugs away.

Don’t Unplug the Sign

Your sign is best if it’s on and not turned off, no matter how much you may believe. It is better to leave your custom neon sign on than to turn it on or off. custom neon sign is very efficient, so it will not cost much. For 24 hours, the average cost to operate a custom neon sign is around 20 cents. Neon signs don’t get warm so it is not a fire risk.

These are all the tips that will ensure your sign lasts. These are all the tips you need to make sure your neon sign lasts a lifetime. You can browse a wide selection to find the perfect neon sign for you. If you notice that your sign isn’t working, it’s best to have it fixed by a professional.

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