Illuminating the Future: The Advantages of LED Neon Signs Over Traditional Neon Lights

LED neon signs have been gaining popularity to attract more attention to businesses’ brands than traditional neon signs. Learn more about why LED Neon is a popular choice for businesses and how it can help you move toward a brighter future.

What is the difference between LED and Neon Signage?

According to their mechanics, LED neon signs are made from a string Light Emitting Diodes or (LEDs). They have spaced far enough apart that the light sources overlap each other, creating a constant glow. It is a lot more efficient than neon lights which emit a flickering light.

The protective polymer used for LEDs is lighter than neon’s glass tubing, and it’s more flexible. They are also less fragile. Traditional neon signs are generally a little larger than their LED counterparts. An LED neon signs maybe 1 inch thick. This is in contrast to the minimum neon thickness of 3-3 inches.

LED technology is being increasingly viewed as a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to get attention.

Less Electricity Our custom neon signs use 15x less electricity than traditional neon signs. Signage size is measured in the number of tubes that have been straightened. A foot of old neon signage usually consumes 20 watts an hour of electricity. An LED light that is the same size and thickness as a neon tube will use approximately 1.2 watts each hour. Furthermore, neon signs are less expensive than traditional neon and can be used for a longer time. This means that you will save money every time you buy a newer version of our custom neon signs.

Traditional neon signs are rigid in their functionality. They cannot be changed, and can only be used on or off. LED neon signs can offer more creativity, as they can be programmed individually to be ‘active.’ LED lights can change colors, fade or flash. Many sizes of LED bulbs can change color and flash in different ways. This is regardless of how much space they illuminate. Contrast this with tubes which are hard to bend into intricate shapes, and have simple blink-on and-off capabilities. It’s easy for people to notice what will make more heads.

The beauty of LED signs is important. They are easy to read from afar and can be seen up close. At night, neon signs can look bleary at distance, making it difficult to read at close range. LED neon lights can be dimmed to meet your individual needs for daytime and night-time displays. This allows you to control energy consumption. Our neon lights are both brighter and more energy-efficient. Display flexibility is possible thanks to the adjustable brightness.

Branding Matches
The number of colors that LED neon signs can be made in is virtually limitless. It is much easier to communicate your brand’s image with greater precision and integrity. NeonExperts has a wide range of custom neon signage options that will make your space more lively and inviting.

Each bulb is strong and can be used to maintain your LED neon signs without touching any hot parts. All you need to clean your neon signs is a damp cloth. After cleaning, remove the neon sign and allow it to cool. This will allow you to have one less thing to worry about.

The LED neon signs are virtually maintenance-free. All neon signs eventually lose their neon gas within the glass tubes. This can be done by either a professional neon sign maker or by purchasing new signage. While this may take 10 years or more to happen, over time your signs will get dimmer. LED bulbs are more durable than regular bulbs and can be used outdoors in all weather conditions.

LED signs last an average of 100,000 hours before they need to be replaced. This compares to the average lifespan for neon signs of 30,000 hours. Traditional neon signs have fragile glass tubing. LED bulbs are stronger to the touch. LED neon signs can be waterproofed and are less likely to sustain weather damage. This could help you to save money in areas where extremes are possible.

A partially “burnt out” sign can look unprofessional and make a business appear shabby. You can easily replace it with LED bulbs. This won’t compromise the quality of your company or the space you use it for. For neon failures to have an impact, neon signs must be replaced immediately. LED neon signs are not required for immediate replacement.

Custom-made LED neon signs are safer to touch than neon signs that can produce high heat. Additionally, neon can be exposed to potential shock hazards. LED bulbs are more durable than traditional neon signs, so the broken glass isn’t a danger.

Installation speed and cost: Due to LED’s flexibility, and lighter weight, installing LED signs is much easier than traditional ones. The equipment may have a higher initial cost but this can be offset by labor and time savings. Old neon signs are heavier, riskier to transport and require longer installation times.
Modern signage is now largely LED due to technological advancements.

Energy Savings
LEDs can reduce your energy consumption by up to 70%. Neon signs burn hotter and consume more energy. Glass neon is 15,000 volts while LED lighting uses 24 volts. LED also uses low voltage (12v) instead of high voltage neon (120v). LED signs use only 20 percent of the electricity that neon signs.

LED signs are a more sustainable option for lighting signage because of their low energy consumption, longevity, and cost-effectiveness. LED bulbs are increasingly recyclable. But, obsolete neon signage is considered toxic waste. LED does not contain any gases, glass tubes, or mercury.

LED neon signs are the future of businesses looking to cut down on advertising costs. You don’t have to compromise on visibility or versatility just because you are trying to reduce advertising costs. Compare the benefits and features of LED and neon signs to see the clear benefits that LED offers. A professionally designed LED sign will make a strong impression and is more appealing than a neon sign. The LED sign is a great and reliable tool for footfall-based advertising.

Find out more about how LED signs can lighten up your brand. Neon Experts is available to answer your questions or offer suggestions for your sign.

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