Neon Signage: The Key to Luring Customers Back to Your Bar this January

Many establishments in the hospitality industry are experiencing drops in the number of customers they serve as the holiday season comes to an end. If you’re a bar owner, then you’re probably looking for ways to attract customers back to your establishment in January. This can be difficult since there are a lot of people who enjoy dry January. In some cases, all you need is the correct advertisement.

This is the point at which neon signs for bars come into the picture. This blog post is about how neon can help bring people back to your bar after the festive period ends.

Three effective ways to accomplish it.

Promote live music events

One way to draw patrons back into your establishment this month is by playing live music! Live music is an excellent way to get people away from their homes and draw attention. A neon sign is an excellent option to promote a concert in your bar.

Neon is a popular choice in the world of advertising. It’s evident that neon signs attract attention and attracted people. Advertising live music with a neon sign might be the perfect method to lure your customers in this January.

Talk to local artists or event companies about hosting a show. Let us help you in designing your bar’s custom neon sign!

Advertise your latest deals

Another way that neon can attract people back to your business is by promoting your most recent offers. A neon sign can be an excellent way to promote any January promotions to fight the January blues. If you’re having 20 percent off some beverages or foods, for instance, ensure passersby know this! They may be tempted to stop in and enjoy what your bar has to offer.

At Neon Creations we can either create a design from scratch or you can browse through the existing neon we have available to buy.

The logo you use for your business

You could consider displaying your logo neon for everyone to see. It’s a fantastic way to let passersby know you’re not just open but also established and able to meet their requirements.

We can design a unique design just for your business that you can put up on your windows. This will definitely grab your customers’ attention and draw them to come in to have one or two drinks.

If you’re interested in creating or hiring a neon sign for your business this year, do not delay to contact us today. We’d love to assist you.

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