Illuminate Your Photos with 5 Basic Techniques for Capturing Hong Kong’s Neon Signs”

Hong Kong’s neon LED signs, which hang from clustered buildings, attract photographers from all over the globe. Photography neon lights are not easy. This requires you to be able to work in low light and to have the patience to post-process. These five simple tips will allow you to preserve Hong Kong’s neon cityscape.

Consider bringing some props

It can be difficult to capture a custom neon sign from a compelling angle. Sometimes you will need to add a prop to spice things up. To make your shot more interesting, hold the reflective end of a CD high up to your camera. Although it might be necessary to adjust the angle on the CD, once the disk is in the right spot, you’ll notice a bright burst of color filling the gap in your image. Amazon and eBay offer glass prisms that can give your photo a sophisticated look. You can use prisms to create cool effects in photos by reflecting light. If you want to take portrait photos of a subject, ask them for glasses. The reflections of neon signs around you will lighten the glass, drawing people into the shot. If all else fails use the reflective surfaces around your home. Anything from shop windows to puddles across the floor can make a photo extraordinary.

It is tempting to raise the exposure setting on your camera when neon signs are brighter than dark. Don’t fall for the trap! Instead, lower the ISO and edit to bring out more details. This will allow for the preservation of the color and highlights, as well as a low ISO.

If your phone doesn’t have an ISO adjustment, tap on an area of the photo that seems to be between the darkest/brightest areas. You’ll be able to adjust the phone’s brightness to medium and you will have the same ability to manipulate light as a DSLR.

Before you head out, choose a neon sign

Before you head out on a trip to photograph, find your favorite neon signs. It may be difficult to find the sign you need in the dark since Hong Kong is full of lights. Tsim Sha Tsui and Mong Kok are filled with great signs. Be sure to take the time to get off the beaten tracks. Even less well-known areas, such as small fishing villages and restaurants, may have interesting signs.

Tips for a pro about how and where to get photos of Hong Kong’s stars and other tips

It is important to post-process

Neon signs for sale can be found in a wide variety of colors and designs. Once you are satisfied with your photo, don’t stop. Lightroom, Photoshop, or other photo editing software allows you to play with color curves, highlights, lowlights, and saturation until you achieve the color scheme you want. RAW is a format that allows you to adjust brightness and colors. The second tip will allow you to adjust the brightness or highlight levels to bring back the color and detail.

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