Troubleshooting Your Neon Sign: Proven Tips and Tricks for Effective Repair

The LED neon signs are bright and striking. These signs can be used to showcase products, increase awareness, and sell products. However, it can be difficult to figure out how to fix a broken neon sign.

Classic neon signs are usually handcrafted so it can be hard to know where you should start.

We are here for you. Continue reading to find out what to do with a broken neon sign and what steps to take to fix it.

Yes, Neon Signs Can Be Dangerous

Before you do anything, ensure that your neon sign is properly protected. If handled incorrectly, neon signs, particularly older ones, can be dangerous.

You should always unplug and turn off your neon sign before you touch it.

LED Neon signs expose gas enclosed in glass tubing to high voltage for it to shine. This produces the neon glow that is associated with vintage neon signs. However, it can also make these signs more dangerous.

When handling your neon sign, be extremely careful. Although LED neon signs typically operate at a low voltage (12 to 24 V), neon signs require extremely high voltage. Neglecting to turn off your sign and unplug it before you handle it could cause severe electric shock. A neon sign can cause serious injury if it is not unplugged.

Also, custom neon signs made from older signs often had lead glass. Some neon signs may also have mercury. (Fun fact: neon signs in red and pink will typically use actual neon gas. Other colors often contain elements in addition to neon. Although most of these elements are harmless, small amounts of mercury can be found in blue neon signs.

These neon signs have low levels of lead and mercury, so they are safe. If you suspect that your neon sign has a leak or broken, however, it is important to take precautions. You should wear gloves and a mask and keep an eye out for broken glass.

Can my neon signs be repaired?

Most importantly, the extent of damage to the sign will dictate the cost of repairs. Although most neon signs can be repaired, costs vary depending on how damaged they are and what quality the sign is.

Do not attempt to repair an older neon sign. Bring your older sign to a professional. They can diagnose the problem, and then determine how much it will cost to fix it. Your neon sign could simply be getting older, particularly if it is becoming dimmer than usual. The average lifespan of neon signs is between 10-12 years.

If your sign is older and still in good condition, you can find DIY walkthrough solutions to fix it online. It is still a good idea to seek professional help. This DIY fix for neon signs is only good for a broken transformer, or shorted wires. If done incorrectly, it can be dangerous.

You should also check the return policies and warranties of the company that you bought the sign from if it is new. Many sign companies offer warranties that cover specific design flaws and issues.

How much is it to replace a neon sign in your area?

It depends. How was the sign broken? How severe was the breakage? What quality materials were used to make the sign? Each sign is unique because they are handcrafted. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to neon sign repair.

It will take different skills to fix a transformer that is damaged or of low quality than it will take to repair the neon glass. Repairing a sign that has been damaged, even partially, will require more time.

The best-case scenario would be a loose cable. In this instance, expect to pay $50-60. Smaller repairs such as broken glass or transformer problems will cost you $300-400. If you have more serious problems or if your sign is complex and personalized, it could cost you upwards of $1000 to repair.

Price also depends on the quality of your neon sign repair. However, more skilled professionals will be able to diagnose and repair your sign faster. They will also be more costly to hire.

You can save money if you feel confident about fixing signs yourself. But this is still a safer and more complex option to call in the pros.

How do I take care of my neon signs?

Maintaining a regular maintenance schedule for your neon sign will help to prevent it from dimming or burning out. Although it cannot prevent breakage of the glass, regular maintenance can help to minimize the need for professional repair.

To prevent future problems, your neon sign must remain on at all times. Neon lights, unlike other lighting solutions, work better when left on.

Regular cleaning of your neon sign will help to prevent future damage. This will keep your sign shining brightly over the years. Remember to always turn off the neon sign and unplug it after touching it. It’s possible to clean the sign gently after you have turned it off and unplugged it. For dust, dirt, and another buildup, a soft cloth, or a clean paintbrush, can be used to clean it.

The neon sign should be handled with care. Tempering the glass to create a neon tube weakens it. It is more fragile and more susceptible to breaking than other types.

A bug trap may be an option if your neon sign is outdoors. Bright neon signs will be a beacon for bugs and you’ll need to clean them more often.

Are you looking for a sign that will stand out?

Broken neon signs are not fun. The cost of repair for many neon signs can be much higher than the initial cost. This can make it difficult for businesses to maintain visibility without spending a fortune. We know your frustrations. That’s why we created a customized LED sign. It is durable enough to be driven by a car and comes with a 1-year warranty.

SpellBrite cannot offer repairs for broken neon signs. However, with over 20 years of experience creating illuminated signs looking like neon, we can help guide you through the process of finding a solution. To get a quote right away or for more information, please call (312)575-9620.

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