Why You Should Choose Neon LED Signs over Other Types of Lighting

LED signs are highly preferable in the debate between glass neon signs and LED neon signs. LED lights are cheaper, safer, easier to use, smaller, more customizable, less energy-intensive, and lighter than traditional neon signs.

Are you moving into a new place and looking for some decor elements? You might be a new company looking to offer something more. Perhaps you’re a restaurant owner who wants to create a better atmosphere.

This is a fresh solution for your decorating problems

The traditional neon signs are no longer the same as the light tube neon signs. Instead, they have become modern LED-based signs. Different gases were used to charge the old signs to light up. LED neon signs utilize a unique technology that is similar to traditional neon. The LED signs are more customizable. It is energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable.

A glimpse into the Past

Glass signs have an old-fashioned appeal. Glass neon signs can bring back memories and emotions, such as nostalgia big apple or a classic bar. But glass neon signs are also becoming ornamentation for outdoor places. Protection concerns are one of the reasons. LED signs are innocuous because they do not contain high levels of electric charge. LED signs are brighter than traditional ones, which makes them even more attractive. Although traditional signs are still easily visible, they can no longer be seen from the outside.

How is Glass Neon or LED Neon Made

LED signs are more simple than glass signs. A standard sign contains many components. It consists of glass tubes and electrodes. The tubes are then molded by an excessive heating system, and cooling system, and enclosed by a system with electrodes and wiring. Finally, the transformer converts the electrical charge to the desired voltage. To create desired colors from the tubes, different fluorescent gases are used. On the other side, LED signs are made out of acrylic tubes. The lights are enclosed within the tubes. The LED signs are mounted on the backboard.

Why LED signs have a better reputation than glass signs

LED signs are becoming increasingly popular due to their many advantages over other options. In almost every way LED signs beat glass signs, they outperform them. Here are some examples of why LED signs work better than glass signs.

Cost – LED signs have a lower price than traditional glass signs. LED signs use less material. Because traditional neon glass signs require the use of gases, bending, or fusion of glass to make them, their cost is higher. Acrylic is a more economical material and can be used to make signs.

Energy Prices: The LED sign is a superior choice when it comes to energy use and conservation. LED signs are dependent on low voltages of between 12V and 240V. This lowers the energy cost. The energy consumption of LED signs is 6 to 8x lower than that of glass signs.

Structural Integration: Glass signs have lower durability than led signs. LED signs are made from silicone strips so will not easily break. Glass tubes are highly susceptible to break.

Repair and maintenance: When a problem occurs, it can be extremely costly to repair. The sign would need to be reset by changing the electrical system, or changing the internal gases. In the meantime, LED signs can be fixed by simply replacing a lightweight strip.

Installation. LED signs can be installed much faster than traditional signs, which only need to be connected via a socket to the power source. Glass signs require more specific and complicated installation. LED signs are also light and easy to carry.

Customization. LED signs are available in one solid color: white, orange, green, or blue. You can also have multiple colors in one sign. RGB lights are available. This allows you to switch from one color to the next. Due to the gas use, glass signs come in one color.

The Lifespan – LED signs have five times the lifespan of glass signs.

In Conclusion

Glass neon signs offer a nostalgic look for your store. If you are looking for something unique and convenient to decorate your home bar, studio, or event space, as well as your wedding venue, led signs might be the best choice.

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