What Factors Affect the Durability of Neon Signs?

The tubes of Americana are a perfect representation of the vintage feel from the 1930s until the 1950s. Many neon signs of this time are so well-known that they remain in fashion. You might call them old-fashioned. They are durable and last for many years. This isn’t a great image.

Each component has a different average life duration. But, for the real question, what is the duration of Neon signs last? Learn more about the shelf life through this article.

Transformer Life

Your neon sign transformer can last between 8 to 15 years. The length of time depends on how often and how frequently you use the signs. Signs are put up in a protected area in a safe area away from direct sunlight and can last longer than ones that are exposed to the elements every day.

Transformers are susceptible to damage by direct sunlight, so if they are used outside and exposed to sunlight, they may not survive as long as indoor signs.


Traditional or LED neon signs exposed to an inconsistent electrical supply or those which blink are more likely to last for a shorter time. A LED neon sign that blinks/flickers may cause more wear and decrease its longevity. It is possible to toggle between static and flickering, and you may choose to utilize the flicker settings sparingly.

Tube Life

Luminous neon glass tubes in neon signs generally last about 8 to 15 years. If you put your money in the right location and maintain it clean, you can get your money’s worth. The life of coatings is 7 to 10 years, subject to the sign’s brightness and usage.

Phosphorus coatings that provide color to the neon tubes do not last forever and can last for 7-10 years. However, a sign repair specialist may coat them again. The strength and use of the sign can affect the coating’s durability.

Power Supply

Unreliable power supplies can also impact the lifespan of the sign. The issue should be discussed with the contractor before when the sign is installed. Professional neon sign manufacturers will make sure that the system is in good order.


Repairing or recoating the LED neon sign‘s glass tubing is feasible. You could also put in fresh gas and then change the transformer. All of these elements can increase the shelf life of the neon light.

Neon signs are the most effective method to provide your business with the appealing appearance of a storefront. You should only buy neon signs from reliable stores if you are one of them. The signs made of neon are quite secure and cost-effective only if you have top-quality neon signs.

Tips to Maintain Your Neon Sign

Neon light bulbs will make your company shine more brightly and draw in more customers. You shouldn’t take this for to take for granted. To ensure it lasts there are a few tips on how to effectively maintain the brightness of your neon!

Make sure you keep it spotless!

It is essential to keep your sign in good condition so that it can extend the life of your sign. The more grime and dirt gather on your neon signs and the less they will serve their function. It will eventually become uninviting and dull.

Before you begin cleaning your sign, be sure it is unplugged. While it might appear to be harmless, the transformer inside can cause shocks. To get rid of dust, you can use an air vacuum or paintbrush to brush the dust off. To get rid of signs of accumulation of grime, spray ammonia-based cleaner and wipe it off using an absorbent cloth.

Don’t Unplug!

It’s best to leave the neon sign on every day regardless of whether or not you are cleaning it off or fixing it. This is by turning the sign-off, putting more stress on the transformer of the neon sign all the time than just turning it on.

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