Shedding Light on LED Neon: 12 Game-Changing Advantages for Your Signage Needs

If you’re looking for a method of creating awareness for a particular item or service, light advertising or neon signs are a proven and successful way to achieve just that. This type of advertising is used for more than 100 years. Recently illuminated advertising has made significant technical advances. LED signage is the latest innovation in this area. In this article, I will provide you with 12 advantages that LED neon sign is more beneficial than traditional glass neon lights.

A longer lifespan

LED neon sign last longer than traditional neon lights. The average lifespan of LED neon signs is approximately 50 000 hours. If you divide those hours by the number of hours you daily use, you might discover that in certain situations the LED neon sign needs replacement every 34 years. This is an incomparable benefit compared to traditional glass signage. Make sure to check the label; it should give you the exact period.

Low energy

The efficiency of luminous light from current LED lamps is between 80 to 100 lm / W (lumens per watt). The high-power LEDs can produce over 300 lumens/W, while halogen lamps only deliver 12 lm/W.

The LED technology’s high efficiency implies that energy consumption is 6-8 times less than glass signs. This can reduce your electricity cost substantially.

No burning

Due to their efficiency LED neon signs produce significantly less heat waste than glass. Glass can become so hot that you should not contact it. LED neon on the other hand typically, is only mildly warm. Therefore, there is hardly any chance of getting burned.

High Impact Resistance

Glass lighting systems are susceptible to shocks. In addition, LED neon signs are more resilient to vibrations and can endure extreme temperatures. They also have water resistance. This is contingent on the method of design. This is a benefit for neon signs that are placed on the outside.

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LED signage is easy to use, and there’s no delay

LED signages do not flash when they are turned on, and provide full brightness immediately.


Its incredible brightness is what sets LEDs apart from other types of signs. This technology is so exclusive that it produces extremely bright and brilliant lighting. That makes signage not just easily visible from a distance, but those LED signs are easy to read, too; particularly in the dark! They stand out with their striking luminosity. They’re not only brilliant. Even in the sun LEDs shine so brightly that you can see them quickly. In other words, whatever time of day, if you walk over a logo for LED signs or -writing, it is easy to recognize.

LED signs have a captivating appearance, an effective way to wow customers

Fluorescent signages have the habit of being challenging when it comes to keeping the sign complete and with consistent brightness bright. At times, these neon signs appear that it is the one or other light that needs to be replaced. Sometimes, the lights appear dimmer than other lights. This creates a negative impression, not just on the sign but on your business as well. More so your brand’s logo and message are hard to comprehend. This problem can be alleviated by the use of LED lights. This technology is advanced and makes LED signs more uniform and brighter.

Extraordinary Color

There are a variety of options when it comes to choosing LED lights. That makes them not only perfect for business but also great for decorative lighting, shows and festivals, parties, and wedding lights. There is no need for foils or paints to create any lighting atmosphere with LEDs.

LED signage is environmentally sustainable

On average, an LED sign uses less than 20 percent of energy when compared to other light signs. That means LED signs are more energy efficient and less damaging to the environment. Moreover, lightning costs are significantly decreased. Fluorescent lights contain harmful gases like mercury and argon. Fluorescent lights can be difficult to recycle properly. LED signs can help to solve this problem.

In addition, LED lights emit less heat than other lighting systems. Your rooms will not be hotter if LED signs are located inside the building.

Low maintenance

If you factor in the long lifespan of LEDs, their even effectiveness and brightness are easy to see why LEDs require less maintenance. LEDs don’t contain gases or glass tubes which are prone to break or leak. LED signs are also much simpler to clean. Not needing to work with the hot tube is just one of the benefits. LEDs can be used both indoors and outdoors. They do not need protection from the weather even if they’re outdoors. It is also possible to purchase outdoor LED signs that are waterproof if you live in a hot or humid region. The greatest benefit of LED signs is their ease of installation.

Thinner signs

Because LED signs don’t have tubes, they could be smaller than neon signs.

  • Did you know: A standard neon sign can be between 3 and 5 inches (ca. 13 cm) thick? In comparison to the LED sign, which is only 1 inch (2.54 centimeters) in thickness.

Shipping costs are less expensive Installation is simpler, and carbon emissions are less in smaller sizes.

Flexible Signage Options

LEDs can be utilized in a myriad of ways, including replacing neon signs. Everything you can think of can be created using LEDs. Because you don’t need tubes anymore, each light can be programmed independently. This alone could result in amazing animations or color shifts. Your LED logo can be as distinctive as your company. Your potential customers will notice you and your company. People will be aware of you and they will change the world. Your clients will be engaged with your brand’s content thanks to LEDs

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