Setting the Record Straight: 5 Neon Sign Myths Uncovered

Whatever happened to the classic neon sign? Companies are moving away from the stunning and vibrant neon signs that were the norm in the industry in the past.

Although LED and other options for lighted signage are available, they do not have the same advantages that neon signage does. However, their place as classics cannot be denied.

There have been many misconceptions about neon displays over the years. In the spirit of fairness, Bartush Signs is here to dispel many of these myths and restore some of the glamour that these iconic signs could have lost.

Myth 1: Neon signs contain harmful gasses and chemicals.

The most popular myth associated with neon signage is that these types of signs usually contain gasses and chemicals that are physically toxic to the human body. In reality, this isn’t the reality.

Two types of gas are employed in custom neon signs. neon gasoline (from where this sign gets its name) as well as the gas argon. Both are present in the air we breathe throughout the day.

Older argon lamps do indeed have trace amounts of mercury vapor, however, mercury exposure can be harmful if it occurs frequently over a prolonged time. Fluorescent lighting can also contain mercury in trace amounts.

Myth 2: Neon Signs Do Not enviro Friendly

Did you know that every element of a neon sign could be reused? It’s true! It’s the truth All things, from glass to gas inside, can be reused for various reasons. This decreases global environmental impact.

Also, Neon signs aren’t as prone to light pollution as many think. Most internal neon signs use just 100-100 watts of illumination which is less than the average lightbulb.

Myth #3 The idea that touching neon signs can be dangerous

The danger of electrical shock from neon signs isn’t as severe as it was in the past. Lighting with neon is now a more secure alternative to other sources of lighting.

Due to the recent changes in the law that require neon signs to be required to have additional safety features such as ground fault interruptions and over-voltage protection. Furthermore, neon signs are typically run using self-calibrating electric converters that use only the maximum amount of electricity to power the sign, which reduces the possibility of shock accidents.

It’s been said that LED neon signs can burn the skin when touched. However, this is not true if they’re manufactured properly.

Myth 4: Neon Signs aren’t as bright or versatile as Other Lighted Signs

Many insist that LED neon signs are used for the highest brightness and long-lasting durability However, they’re not invulnerable.

Like any other lighting source, LEDs can also become dull. Because they rely on thousands of tiny bulbs at the front and, sometimes, on the sides and back LEDs are at risk of becoming dimmed over time. The signs may eventually have to be completely replaced when they break because of the risk of them becoming dulled in these locations.

In the case of neon tubes, these exclusive types of lighting indeed radiate 360 degrees of light which means they can be observed and appreciated from all angles.

Neon signs may also show 40 shades and lighted signs usually display eight shades.

Myth 5: Neon signs are fragile and last less long than other lighted signs

Neon sign-related opponents are quick to point out their signs’ inability to last and durability However, this is generally motivated by personal opinion and not based on actual evidence.

Lighting can be damaged if not treated with care. Certain lighting fixtures are not made to withstand the ravages of such destruction. Neon signs are enhanced by the use of an annealing procedure, which helps to minimize stress fractures and makes the glass more flexible.

Many people also believe neon signs have a shorter life expectancy than other types of signs. It can be between 20,000 and 30,000 hours. For well-crafted signs, this is not the scenario. There are numerous instances of properly-crafted neon signs that have been employed 24 hours a day for up to ten years without any issues.

At Bartush signage is our love. We work hard to provide you with iconic and memorable displays which will allow your business to stand out from other businesses precisely the way you would like it to.

To learn more about the incredible display options we have available do not delay to contact us now for a free consultation. We’re eager to help turn your ideas for signage into a reality!

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